What’s Your BP Poconos ?

East Stroudsburg, PA – Why you need to know and understanding Blood Pressure Readings

Typically, blood pressure recordings have two numbers and are written as a ratio, such as 117/76.  Recording blood pressure readings, beginning at age 20 and each year or two years will provide health care professionals a useful picture of your blood pressure.

Top Number = Systolic and is the higher of the two numbers.  It measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart muscle contracts.

Bottom Number = Diastolic and is lower than the top number.  It measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart muscle is resting, or between heartbeats.

What is NORMAL and What is HIGH?

The American Heart Association defines a NORMAL RANGE as Systolic (top # ) less than 120, and Diastolic (bottom # ) as less than 80.

High Blood Pressure, Stage 1 is defined as Systolic of 140 – 159 and Diastolic of 90-99

High Blood Pressure, Stage 2 is defined as Systolic of 160 + and Diastolic of 100 +

EMERGENCY Ranges are Systolic over 180 and Diastolic over 110 – SEEK IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY CARE


Lifestyle changes including daily exercise, healthy eating with low sodium and reducing stress can make a positive impact on most slightly elevated blood pressure ranges.  Health Care professionals usually recommend medication to lower blood pressure when persistent readings of and over 140/90 are found.


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