US Obesity Rates and Costs Jump

Stroudsburg, PA       Healthy US Citizens Continue to Pay for Obesity – $550 Billion by 2030

US Obesity and Associated Costs Keep Rising and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reports that by 2030, 32million more Americans will become Obese.  In addition, predictions state that the number of severely obese, those more than 100 pounds overweight will double the current rate.  The CDC Report also offers a staggering price tag for this health predicament – $550 Billion in obesity-related health care costs.

The severely obese just continue to add weight states the authors, and their weight has increased “tremendously” over the last ten years.  The writers have also concluded that 50% of the severely obese were obese children, and currently 17% of US children and adolescents are obese.

A variety of solutions including drugs, surgery, education, workplace and urban design have already been tried, and will continue to be offered as remedies to the problem.  Unfortunately, the associated diseases, low quality of life and even death are not motivation enough to prompt lifestyle changes for most individuals.  Perhaps, this unwillingness to change brings others to call for increased personal cost to those living unhealthy lifestyles to bring about a focus on individual responsibility.  Many are now asking why health insurance is any different than auto insurance – those who pose a higher risk pay more.  It seems that positive change could be seen with financial consequences tied to poor health habits – or rather, financial incentives to those maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, via lower health insurance premiums.

WHY are the Healthy People paying for those who make poor health choices?


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