The New Food NO NO is HFCS

Surprising Foods with HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup in Monroe County and the Poconos

HFCS is the new “NO-NO” in the war against obesity because recent studies claim that eating foods with this sugary ingredient increases hunger and may cause overeating.  It is suggested, therefore that avoiding and limiting HFCS will assist in weight loss.

Common foods containing HFCS might surprise most people:

Nutrition Bars – not all are “healthy”

Juice Cocktails

Yogurt – watch out for fruit flavored and sweetened brands

Breakfast Cereal – also in “healthy” and “natural” types

Soda – even those containing real juice

Salad Dressings

Breads and Baked Goods – even “whole grain, natural” varieties

Candy and Candy Bars – more obvious and in all types


The bottom line is to scrutinize and READ FOOD LABELS so you are completely aware of what you are eating and what you are feeding your children.


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