Take Care of Your MOM – Top 10 Health Issues for Women over 50

Poconos, PA        Know the risks, talk about healthy living and encourage screenings for the special women in your life.

1 – Heart Disease is the leading killer of older women, with one in three females over age 65 have some sort of heart disease.

2 –Breast Cancer statistics tell us that 80% of cases show up in women past menopause.

3 – Ovarian Cancer mainly affects women aged 45 and over and studies show that 90% of cases are in this age group.

4 – Osteoporosis is a concern for females over age 50 and one in every two women suffer a fracture after this age.

5 – High Blood Pressure affects women more as they age, and half of all women over age 50 have high blood pressure.  Lifestyle changes including healthy eating and exercise can make a big impact to diminish this condition.

6 – Depression affects women twice as much as men, and one in every five women suffer from depression at least once in their lives.

7 – Obesity affects 62% of women aged 20 – 74, and studies indicate that this affliction is growing among women aged 40 and over.  Lifestyle changes are essential to overcome this health concern.

8 – High Cholesterol has grown among women aged 65 and over, but this is a very controllable condition with diet, exercise, and in some cases statin use.

9 – Colorectal Cancer mainly affects women over age 60, and routine screenings are an important factor in early detection, starting at age 50.

10 – Cervical Cancer affects women ages 25 – 65, so regular check-ups and screenings are essential to early detection.


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