Sports Injury Prevention – Monroe County

Avoid Injuries and Play Better – Get FIT to Play Sports in the Poconos

Many athletes know their way around a weight room, and understand the reasons for increased endurance and prevention of injuries.  Unfortunately, few people practice the basic and simple elements proven to eliminate needless injuries and improve competitive performance.  Eliminating Fatigue, through increased Stamina and Endurance by building strength and cardiovascular capacity will help to stave off injuries for most sports participants – regardless of age.

Getting into a regular training routine is important for participants of all sports – working with a qualified fitness trainer, even for a few sessions will provide essential workout techniques and produce real results.

Play better, compete better – and feel better with consistent workouts.

Basic Recommendations for Sport Conditioning

Cardiovascular Training – 30 minutes of heart pumping activity three times a week to increase endurance.

Sprint or Plyometic workouts – one day a week to improve explosive movements.

Strength Training – two days a week to include wrist exercises, lower body strengthening and upper body training which will increase your power, balance and movement on the sport court.

For more Individual Programs and Dramatic Sports Performance Results – see an Experienced and Certified Personal Trainer at the Club.


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