Soup is a GREAT Choice to Tril Waistlines in the Poconos

Stroudsburg, PA – The Scoop on SOUP for Healthy Eating

Recent studies are touting the benefits of eating soup to help shed unwanted pounds and manage weight.  Participants in a Penn State study used soup as a substitute for some meals to cut caloric intake and also as a filler before meals.  Results have found that soup adds nutrients and good food sources into a diet and promotes a feeling of fullness.

Certain Kids of Soups are Best – Soup that is vegetable dense and broth based are recommended for weight loss.  In addition, servings should be no more than 150 calories and contain low levels of sodium since it often increases retention of body fluids.

How to Incorporate Soup – As the study suggests, soup can be successfully used as a meal and as an appetizer.  In addition, soup makes a great, satisfying snack – especially cup of soup.  It’s a much better choice than junk food.


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