Smoothie Surprises – Calorie Check in Monroe County

Stroudsburg, PA -Choose the Right Smoothie to Stay on your Spring Slim-down Plan

The thought of a cool, fresh, fruit drink on a hot day is refreshing and very tempting.  Before you run to the nearest Quick Drive Through – take a look at the calories and fat content, and make sure you choose the BEST place to buy that delicious drink.

Place                                                  Size          Calories            Fat

Jamba Juice Light                           16oz               150                 .5g

Strawberry, Berry, Mango


McDonald’s Wild Berry                   16oz               260                 1g


Starbucks Vianno                            16oz               270                 .5g

Skim Milk – Strawberry Banana

Burger King Strawberry Banana   16oz               310                 .5g

Sonic Strawberry                             20oz               670                 0g

Orange Julius Blackberry               20oz               680                 15g

Dairy Queen Tropical Blizzard      20oz               1120               62oz


So have that Delicious Refreshing Smoothie – just pick the right one for your personal eating plan – and make sure it’s worth the calories.


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