Slimming Strategies for Pocono Waist Watchers

Marshalls Creek, PA – Simple Food SWITCHES make a difference.

Some simple changes and substitutions to items in your diet can make a powerful impact.  You don’t have to make all the changes at once – just choose one change per week and you will see results.

Coffee & Tea Sweeteners – there are lots of sugar substitutes now on the market

Each teaspoon of sugar is 15 calories – 2x a day = 210 calories per week

Average Coffee Creamers have 30 calories per serving – fat free have 10 calories per serving.

Low-fat Mayo or Sandwich Spread – 90 Calories per tblsp for regular and 45 for light

Skim or 1% milk – if you are still drinking whole milk, it may be difficult to make a direct switch to skim, so make the change gradually by substituting 2% for a couple of weeks, then to 1% for a couple of weeks, and then to skim.

Lite Salad Dressings instead of Regular

REPLACE CHIPS with Popcorn or Pretzels

SWITCH Regular SODA or HIGH CALORIE DRINKS with No-Calorie soft drinks and flavored water

2 WEEK Moratorium on Deep Fried Foods – try it for just two weeks

Adopt SUGAR FREE Desserts – Try Sugar & Fat Free Instant Pudding, Fat Free or Light Yogurt, Sugar Free Ice pops

Alcoholic Drinks – Use diet soda or crystal light as a mixer, drink light beer, drink water in between drinks


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