Regular Exercisers Less Likely to Develop Dementia

Stroudsburg, PA   Don’t Lose Your Mind – EXERCISE Regularly

A five-year study at the Laval University in Sainte-Foy, Quebec examined exercise and health data from nearly 5,000 men and women over 65  years of age, and found that those who exercised were less likely to lose their mental abilities or develop dementia, including Alzheimer’s.  Inactive individuals were twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s, compared to the most physically active people – those who exercised vigorously three times a week.

If you are a regular exerciser at Pocono Wellness & Sports Center you are helping your body AND keeping you mind healthy too.  Results from a series of studies support the notion that regular physical activity – especially aerobic exercises – promotes cognitive brain functions long into older years of life.  Exercise assists with blood and oxygen flow to the brain, as well as other body systems, so it makes sense that an organ such as the brain which requires lots of oxygen, will function better in a healthy person.

In a sedentary group of people aged 60 to 75, University of Illinois researchers introduced them to a fitness regime. For six months the elders had either an aerobic or non-aerobic workout for up to 90 minutes, three times a week.  An improvement of only 5-7% in cardio-respiratory fitness led to an improvement of up to 15% in mental tests. The non-walkers, however, did not gain any benefits for their brains.

Researchers at the University of California studied the brain functions of nearly 6,000 women for eight years and found that those who moved regularly were less likely to experience memory loss and mental decline.  The longer duration of physical activity per week increased the positive results, and researchers concluded that high energy activity provides a protectant effect on the brain.

Boosting your mental functions with exercise is the ultimate Mind – Body connection.  Uplift your MIND and BODY with regular aerobic activity at Pocono Wellness & Sports Center in East Stroudsburg, PA.


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