QOL – importance to Monroe County, PA residents

QOL – Quality of Life is a topic of growing importance for people in developed nations, including residents of East Stroudsburg, PA, and the Pocono Region.  What factors and aspects of life impact QOL?  A recent study by the National Institutes of Health surveyed adults in 22 industrialized countries across the globe.  The group consisted of 58% women, and 70% healthy adults and responses varied according to gender, age and health status.  However, the most important facets of QOL were identified as having energy, being happy, having well-functioning senses, and being free from pain.  Staying physically active and in good health can certainly play a part in high QOL, especially with respect to energy, happiness, and staying free from pain – once you get to a level of good physical condition.  Another great reason for Monroe County, PA residents to exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle.


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