Prestegious Medical Journal Warns of Inactivity Risks

The Lancet, a widely respected and historic medical journal, recently published a stunning report about the deadly risks of physical inactivity.  The journal states that a sedentary lifestyle kills approximately 5 million people each year, worldwide and a third of adults, aged 15 and over, on the planet are inactive.

Unfortunately, the document paints a much worse picture for our future, with four out of five adolescents ages13 – 15 meeting moderate movement requirements of 30 minutes, five days per week.  Additionally, inactivity increases with age, with women less active than men.

The Lancet goes further to compare the risks of inactivity with smoking and obesity.  The report states that half a million deaths would be prevented each year with just a 10% increase in physical activity.  As individuals spend more time in cars and in front of computers, physical activity continues to decrease along with the health of the population.


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