Pocono Thanksgiving Workouts in East Stroudsburg, PA

The BEST pre and post Turkey Day workouts in the Stroudsburgs are at Pocono Wellness and Sports Center in East Stroudsburg.  X-tra special group fitness classes have been developed to keep you active and burn extra calories at Thanksgiving time.  Skipping regular workouts during the holidays can destroy your body’s balance and eliminates your ability to fight off the stresses that come with holiday time.  Pocono Wellness and Sports Center is open throughout the Thanksgiving Holiday to keep you fit and healthy.  The club is open, as regular Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 6am-2pm on Thanksgiving Day and regular hours the Friday after the holiday.  So, no excuses to burn those calories and enjoy a happy holiday season with help from Pocono Wellness and Sports Center in East Stroudsburg, PA.


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