Pocono Residents Beware – Sugar is Hiding in all Sorts of US Foods

Monroe County, PA  – Surprise ! – Sugar Lurks In Lots of Foods

With Diabetes cases increasing daily in the US, we all need to be cautious about consuming too much sugar.  The obvious foods such as candy, cookies, soft drinks and cereals, are easy to identify, but you may be surprised to know how many other regularly consumed foods also contain sugar.  People of all ages, and especially parents need to limit daily sugar intake, and knowing where it lurks is important.

Top 10 Unexpected Sugar Foods

Frozen Entree’s and Prepared Foods

Low-Fat / Fat-Free Salad Dressing


Ketchup and BBQ Sauce

Soy Milk

Tomato Sauce

Flavored Yogurts

Fat-free “Diet” products

Instant Flavored Oatmeal

Specialty Coffee Drinks

What to do if you want to avoid these foods too ?   Use spices such as cinnamon and vanilla in your oatmeal, coffee and yogurt, read food labels to search for low sugar condiments, use lemon and lime to flavor meats, and avoid processed foods.


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