Pocono Calorie Check for Ice Cream Treats

Marshalls Creek, PA – Stay on Track with Information about food calories.

Americans love ice cream especially when the weather starts to get warmer.  Without destroying your healthy eating plan and workout regime, you can enjoy sweets during the summer if you take a balanced approach, and become an Informed Eater.

Here are the calorie counts for some favorite summer ice cream treats:

Calories         Item

45                    Kiddie Cone – McD’s

70                    Low Fat Carmel Dip – McD’s

100                 ½ cup non-fat Yogurt Cup – DQ

140                 small (142g no cone) Tart & Tangy Yogurt  – Stone Cold

160                 4 oz Orange Sherbert – B & R

160                 Fruit & Yogurt Parfait – McD’s

230                 small Vanilla Cone – DQ

280                 regular non-fat Yogurt Cone – DQ

290                 small Chocolate Sundae – DQ 7 McD’s

310                small Chocolate Frosty – Wendy’s

360                 small Chocolate Shake – McD’s

360                small (142g-no cone) Cookie Batter Ice Cream – Stone Cold

390                small Strawberry Frosty Shake – Wendy’s

400                 small Strawberry Blizzard – DQ

440                 Oreo Twisted Frosty – Wendy’s

440                small Triple Thick Choc. Shake – McD’s

480                 small Sinless Oh Fudge Shake – Stone Cold

510                  regular Dipped Cone – DQ

510                 Banana Split – DQ

530                 2 scoop Hot Fudge Sundae – B & R

560                 small Heath Blizzard- DQ

580                Oreo McFlurry – McD’s

660                 small Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard – DQ

770                 regular Chocolate Shake – DQ, McD’s, B&R

1110               large Triple Thick Strawberry Shake – McD’s

1160               large Triple Thick Chocolate Shake – McD’s

Certainly, adding ice cream to your diet EVERY summer evening will sabotage the efforts of even the most active people.  So, the first idea to embrace is that treats are SPECIAL and not for every day consumption – sure, you can have treats, but know that it does have an impact.  Next, be aware that when you do indulge, in order to maintain your current weight, you need to either burn off the extra calories, or cut them from somewhere else in your daily menu.  Being an Informed Eater, is the second greatest factor to help you make good decisions.  Will the small vanilla cone, at half the calories, satisfy you just the same as a hot fudge sundae?  People who are equipped with the facts, are better able to balance their eating habits and keep on track.



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