Outside Play Disappearing for US Kids

East Stroudsburg, PA   It was found that more than half of a study group consisting of more than 8,000,  Four Year Olds were not taken out to play, even once a day by their parents.  Researchers at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital recently reported that Mothers who worked out at least four times a week were 50 percent more likely than non-exercising moms to venture outside daily with their children.  In general, Mothers were more likely than fathers to take their children outside; Asian, Hispanic and black mothers were less likely than white mothers to take their kids outside to play.

Another surprising finding of the Seattle’s Children’s Hospital study is that Girls are 16% less likely than boys to play outside.  According to educators, doctors and health professionals, unstructured outdoor play is not only essential for physical fitness and wellness, but it also promotes learning and creativity.  Upon examining the reasons for the disparity among genders, reasons such as stereotypes about lack of athleticism and rough and tumble play styles were sited.  Other reasons for the overall lack of outdoor play are a general shift in attitude about playing outside, whereby the weather has to be perfect, and of course some safety issues.


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