More Evidence to Get Moving in the Poconos

Time Spent Exercising = Returns X 7

Exercisers gain SEVEN minutes for EVERY ONE spent Exercising – and more strenuous exercise DOUBLES the effect.

A recent study by Harvard professor Dr. I-Min Lee presents data that supports a conclusion that a middle aged person who gets the recommended 150 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (brisk walking) can expect a 1-7 return.  Running would DOUBLE the return – so for every minute exercising, 14 are gained.

Dr. Lee’s study followed over 650,000 people over ten years and it showed that a person aged 40 who exercised for the just the US Government’s recommended amount of 150 minutes per week gained 3.4 years of life.

The Lesson is EVERY Bit of Exercise Counts – And not only adds years to your life, but also Life to your years.


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