Mediterranean Diet Reduces Heart Attacks and Strokes

East Stroudsburg, PA – Medical Researchers Point to Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health

Including more fresh fruits and veggies, and less red meat, researchers for the New England Journal of Medicine confirm that the Mediterranean Diet can reduce heart attacks and strokes by 30 % – and the effects are immediate!

Here are the Basics of the Mediterranean Plan:

Olive Oil – more than 4 tablespoons per day

Tree Nuts and Peanuts – more than 3 servings per week

Fresh Fruits – more than 2 servings per day

Vegetables – more than 2 servings per day

Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon – more than 3 servings per week

Legumes – more than 3 servings per week

Wine with meals – more than 7 glasses per week – but don’t start drinking if you don’t now drink

White meat – instead of red meat


These recent studies by Joon Kim, MD highlighted that this way of eating will benefit everyone, even those who do not have evidence of heart disease.  Those individuals who benefit the most from this way of eating are overweight with metabolic problems.


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