Jump into Summer Shape in East Stroudsburg, PA at Pocono Wellness

Stroudsburg, PA – Release your inner child and start JUMPING just like you did as a child to burn calories fast and get to your Summer Beach Body quicker than ever.  Plyometrics is one way to jump and burn and the Fitness and Sports Training Experts at Pocono Wellness and Sports Center can guide you with the proper form and motivation to build strength and get in shape.  Many athletes are using the Plyometric training technique to improve sports performance in Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Track and Field and more.   Another alternative is to just pick up an old fashioned jump rope – available at the Club’s fitness center in Monroe County, PA and start jumping.  Did you know that just 8 minutes of jump roping burns 100 calories ?   Join the ranks of other athletes in the know who use jump ropes to condition for boxing and get your JUMP ON !


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