Fitness Trends for 2013 already in place at PWSC

Stroudsburg, PA –  THREE Main fitness trends for the new year were reported by the NY Daily News:

Functional Training – most adults spend too much time sitting or sleeping – close to 20 hours – so this technique targets a wide range of movements in a short amount of time to build strength for daily functions.  Such formats for functional training include classes such as interval, boot camps, trx (suspension training), and even ropes classes.

Woman Using Heavier Weights – most women concentrate on cardio workouts, and have not been encouraged to lift weights – unfortunately losing strength with age and misunderstanding the benefits and calorie burning effects of weight training.  Look for great programs and classes to build strength, such as interval training, curcuit training, free weight and kettlebell classes to grow in popularity.  Additionally, adding weight training segments to traditional pure cardio classes – such as spinning and even to yoga will be a trend.

High Intensity Training or HIT – Short, quick intense workouts will grow in popularity as increased sports performance, more strength and weight loss results are seen with increased intensity programs such as Tabata, Plyometrics, and classes with Back to Basic Moves which include push ups, sprints, jump ropes and more.  The method promotes expending maximum effort for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds – which is quite intense and effective.  HIT formats will also be incorporated into spinning and boot camp classes as finishers.



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