Every Day Stress-Busters

stress busters

East Stroudsburg, PA – Tips for De-Stressing on a Daily Basis

A little stress may be beneficial, but constantly feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, under pressure can develop into something harmful, including increased risks for diseases and conditions such as heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Here are some quick tips on how to reduce and avoid stress in daily life.

Count to 10 before you speak if you feel angry or frustrated

Set your clock or watch 5-10 minutes ahead to avoid being late

Turn Off your cell phone sometimes – especially in the car;  who or what can’t wait a few minutes?

Close your eyes and take 3 to 5 Deep Breaths if you feel stressed or upset

Walk away from a stressful situation – handle it later

Break down big problems into smaller parts – make one or two phone calls a day rather than 10 at once

Go for a Walk, Play a Sport or Exercise to relieve stress

Just say “I’m sorry” if you made a mistake and feel bad

Drive in the slow lane, slow down – avoid busy traffic roads

Smell a rose, hug a loved one, smile at a neighbor


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