Emotional Eating Derails Best Diet Intentions

Don’t Give In to Cravings Spurred by Emotions

Pocono Mountains, PA What foods do you reach for when stressed, lonely, depressed, bored or upset?  Surveys show that people reach for the following foods, in order of popularity:

Chocolate Candy

Ice Cream

Chips / Salty Snacks

Cakes and Cookies

Ok, so what can you do to stay the course, and avoid eating when emotional events occur in your life?

First, determine your stressors, and recognize what makes you upset – work, kids, loss, etc. and be prepared in advance with water and quick healthy snacks.  Often, your mind confuses thirst for hunger, so fill up on water, and wait ten minutes to see if you are really hungry.  Handy, healthy snacks can also help, such as baby carrots, celery, air popped corn, low sugar/fat nutrition bar, etc.

Also, have a plan of activities where you can direct your energy instead of eating or going home alone.  Try exercises which will also help your healthy weight goals by attending group classes, cardio workouts, or take a walk or run.  Join social groups such as a book club, call a friend or relative, take up bowling, dancing, art or instructional learning classes – do anything to keep you from just sitting and eating.

Break the cycle of filling up on high calorie foods when you feel emotional – it just makes matters worse and sabotages your healthy lifestyle goals.


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