East Stroudsburg Workouts Break the Plateau at Pocono Wellness

Trainers have told me for years and years, at least 20 year now, to start weight training to see better results and to break the plateau that most long time exercisers experience.  But, as a cardio addict, with success maintaining a 40 pound weight loss over 15 years, I was very reluctant to change what I was doing.  Well, last year my new year’s resolution was to begin weight training, mostly because I was experiencing some gravity flab – especially in the upper arm area.  Having tried all sorts of exercises over the years, I must admit that following an every other day free-weight routine for an entire year has really made a difference in my body and my life.  Not only am I happier with the look and feel of my upper arms, I was able to maintain a more stable weight – especially throughout the holidays when I always fall off the healthy eating train, but throughout the entire year.  My new regime only takes 15 to 20 minutes every other day, and is comprised of just six moves using dumbbells weighing 10 – 15 pounds, and I have also seen a boost in my energy, upper body strength – and a big bonus is an improved golf game !  Ladies (and gentlemen) make 2012 the year that you embrace weights and incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle today – I will never turn my back on my dumbbells – they really work !


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