EASE Arthritis Pain with Exercise – REALLY?

Arthritis sufferers often avoid exercise because of joint or muscle pain, stiffness and weakness, however studies show that physical activity actually reduces pain and symptoms of this condition.  The added psychological benefits make a very strong case for the importance of exercise in arthritis management.  So, go ahead and engage in fun physical activities that you enjoy – get your physician’s input and guidance with your exercise of choice.

Benefits Specifically for People with Arthritis:

Strengthen muscles around affected joints

Decrease bone loss

Replenishes lubrication to cartilage of affected joints

Reduces stiffness and pain

Enhances energy and stamina by improving sleep

Assist with weight loss and weight management

General physiological benefits of regular exercise include reduced risks of:

Coronary artery disease

Serum lipid abnormalities





Colon cancer

Overall psychological benefits of regular physical activity are also compelling:

Decreased anxiety

Improved mood and well-being

Promotes a state of relaxation

Exercise Adaptions for Those with Arthritis

Begin slowly and progress gradually

Avoid rapid repetitions of affected joints

Individualize exercise program to specific needs


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