Change Exercise Intensity for Results in the Poconos

Break the Plateau in Stroudsburg

Your body will eventually run on auto pilot if you do not vary your workout, and you will experience a plateau. It’s time to challenge your body by using free weights if you generally use machines, or engage in new cardio activities such as classes if you only use a treadmill.  Changes in your regular workout regime will surprise the body and force it to adapt, bringing you to new ways to burn calories.

Breaking through a plateau requires a change in intensity as well as new activities. While cross-training type of activity is often recommended, it is also important to vary the intensity of your workouts. You can accomplish a varied intensity in a couple of ways, depending on your preference and lifestyle.  You can designate certain days of the week as low, moderate or high-intensity days. Or, you can try interval training work at a low intensity for a couple of minutes and increase to a high intensity for a couple of minutes, and repeat. Changing up your workouts will benefit your fitness level and help to avoid training plateaus and boredom.

We have fabulous classes and expert personal trainers to help you break your plateau – so try something


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