Cancer linked to Obesity and Inactivity by US Government Report

Monroe County, PA      The latest assault on the obesity epidemic in the United States comes from a slew of major research organizations including the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the NCI (National Cancer Institute), the American Cancer Society, and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries.  If you are not motivated enough to continue, or start a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and a healthy weight in the Poconos, read on.

The authors conclude that getting enough exercise and keeping a healthy weight may be among the most important ways to thwart cancer. These two  risk factors are second only to tobacco as preventable causes of disease and death in the USA.  Also included by the authors is that cancer survivors see a diminished quality of life when obese and it may also worsen the prognosis for some types of cancer.

Most stunning of all, however is the statement by the American Cancer Society that ONE THIRD of the over 500,000 annual US cancer deaths are attributable to diet and physical activity habits – including being overweight.  That number equates to the same 30% attributable to tobacco use.


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