Calorie Count for Easter Goodies in the Poconos

Stroudsburg, PA –  Easter Basket Treats = Real Calories

Candy calories add up very quickly, contain so much sugar, and just think how you will feel on Monday if you over indulge.

Easter Traditions normally include yummy candy, and INFORMED EATERS are able to enjoy Easter Specialties without spoiling a healthy eating plan.  Remember, filling up on too many goodies isn’t good for AnyBUNNY, including the little ones in your life.   To Help You Make the Most of your candy selection, some typical Easter treats and their calories are listed below.

1 Hardboiled Egg                                         76 Calories

35 small jellybeans                                      140 Calories

5 Peeps                                                         160 Calories

1 med hollow Choc. Bunny 1.75oz          260 Calories

1 Cadbury Crème Egg                                170 Calories

1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg                    180 Calories

9 Brachs Malted Easter Eggs                    200 Calories

7 Hershey Milk Choc Eggs                        200 Calories

6 Dove Dark Choc Eggs                             220 Calories

1/3 Dove Solid Choc Bunny                      230 Calories

Be sure to fill up on the Real Rabbit Food – carrots, lettuce, spinach, celery and other veggies to help keep you satisfied and away from too much candy.  By knowing what you are eating, you can plan to enjoy your favorite Easter Treats rather than consuming those not quite as special just because they are there  . . . . and don’t forget to KEEP HOPPING.


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