BMI Scores add up in East Stroudsburg, PA

What is BMI, How is it used, and How do you calculate your score?  People in East Stroudsburg, PA want to know how BMI scores impact their lives.

Body Mass Index – BMI is a screening tool used by medical, insurance and government agencies to determine individual health with respect to weight.  Doctors often use this as a guide for adults, and also for children to determine growth as compared to other children.  Many schools in the US have also adopted BMI to assess student health.  The Centers for Disease Control now reports that 60% of the US population is in the combined overweight and obese categories, based on BMI scores.  Body Mass Index is a guideline that speaks about your overall health.

Various US government health agencies consider BMI to be a reliable, general gauge of fatness – and also, an indicator of risks for associated medical problems and diseases – such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and more.  More importantly, many insurance companies have also adopted this simple meter to determine health and life insurance risks and rates.  If you have recently applied for health insurance, it is right on the application, and on-line applications automatically calculate BMI, even as you complete height and weight information.

BMI Ranges:

Underweight    up to 18.4        Healthy Weight   18.5 – 24.9          Overweight 25 – 29.9           Obese  30 and over


BMI Calculation EXAMPLE:      Height of 5′ 4′ and 150 lbs

64′  X  64″ = 4096             150 lbs /4096  =  .036621     X     703   =  25.8

This example illustrates a BMI calculation for an individual 5 feet, 4 inches tall with a weight of 150 pounds.  The BMI score is 25.8, which indicates Overweight according to the ranges.  Healthy Weight scores range from 18.5 – 24.9, and an underweight score is also a red flag for health professionals because there are also risks and diseases associated with being underweight.  A score of 30 or over indicated that an Obese person.

Where Do You SCORE ?  Calculating BMI is easy.

The formula is as follows:

height in inches      multiplied by height in inches   =    height squared

weight in pounds    divided by height squared      multiplied by 703    =    BMI Score

Check your total against the ranges.  Many people are surprised to find that they score in the overweight and obese categories – however having this information is an important first step in taking personal responsibility and making positive changes to improve health and avoid diseases and health risks associated with excess weight.  Share this information with others – it is a good motivator.


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