Be a Better Snacker

Monroe County, PA – Everyone loves to snack, and sometimes it IS better to eat several small meals throughout the day, rather than two or three large meals.  However, in order to be a Better Snacker, you still need to consider how much and what you are eating because the calories still add up to a total for the day.  Also, you don’t want your snacking to adversely counter all of your hard work at Pocono Wellness and Sports Center.

Here are some ideas for great snacks –

Carrots – crunchy, easy to get and high in fiber, baby carrots and even carrot sticks are readily available in grocery stores and also provide a nice boost of vitamin C

Energy Bar – choose a cereal or protein bar over a candy bar for a healthier alternative, but check the sugar and calories

Choose Baked – crackers and chips are now offered in baked varieties which are better than the fried versions

Lighten Up – if you need a sugar fix, try sweet fruit such as strawberries or a small fruit cup in juice

Poped – air popped pop corn is a better choice than buttered or sweetened varieties



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