Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in East Stroudsburg, PA

Tips for a Healthy Holiday – Avoid dreaded Holiday Weight Gain in Monroe County, PA

Celebrating is a hallmark of the holiday season all over the world, and also in East Stroudsburg, PA, and you certainly do not want to be left out of the festivities.  However, over indulgence at seasonal parties and poor eating habits will quickly turn happy times to feelings of regret when the extra pounds come along.  Stay happy and healthy at holiday time by following some easy tips.

Stay Hydrated – Water, low calorie drinks, and even cup o’soup will keep your energy high and help you avoid the confusion of thirst vs. hunger – where in most instances people eat to satisfy thirst, rather than just having some liquid refreshment.

Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand – If you are skipping lunch, or eating later to fit in shopping; make sure you have some good snacks on hand, or healthy sandwich to munch on in the car.  Fast food stops will only tempt you to eat dangerously.  A handful of dry roasted nuts, pretzels, celery and carrot sticks, and yogurt make great snacks.  A nice lean turkey sandwich, or pb&j will keep you fueled and are easy to pack.

Pre-party Fill-up – Before you leave for that party, fill up your tummy so that you do not park yourself at the snack or buffet table when you arrive at the event.  Try soup, crackers, and/or a few glasses of water, or low calorie drinks to stave off hunger.  Stay away from high calorie items such as, dips, cheese, cookies and candy.  Make the focus of the event spending time with others, instead of the food and drinks.

Beware Fancy Drinks – Special holiday coffees sound and taste delicious, but add tons of extra calories – go ahead and splurge, but not every day.  While consuming Alcohol provides only empty calories, the Mixers are much worse because they add lots of sugar and extra calories.  Watch out for eggnog, sweet martinis and margaritas, and whipped cream added to drinks.

Running on Empty – Many of us eat when we are tired, presumably to boost energy, rather than take a short rest.  Avoid reaching for snacks when feeling tired, but rather have a warm drink, put your feet up and close your eyes for a few minutes to recharge.

Exercise Counts Balance your indulgences by keeping up with your workout routines through the holiday season.  Exercise will counter the extra calories, and also help you to get rid of the stress of shopping, family, and schedules.  As tempting as it might be to cut out that Tennis Match, Basketball Game, or Workouts – keep coming to Pocono Wellness & Sports Center and you will not regret it.

Think Reasonably About Treats – Everyone wants to relax a bit during the holidays and enjoy the special of the season and you should partake in the great foods offered.  Keep in mind that all things are most enjoyed in moderation.  So have that fancy drink, delicious sauce and tasty cookie, but not in an excessive portion, and not every day.

You are sure to have a happy, healthy holiday if you focus on the people in your life, make smart food choices and balance your indulgences during this year’s festive events.  Follow these tips and start the New Year without the extra eight pounds of holiday weight gain, and you’ll feel better too.


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