After Burn = Weight Loss in the Poconos

East Stroudsburg, PA                   EPOC Weight Loss Can Be Achieved with After-Burn

So – how is this awesome After Burn Achieved?  Recent studies show that High Intensity Resistance Training and Circuit Training contribute greatly to EPOC Weight Loss.  Naturally, the longer and tougher you train, the more After Burn you will experience, but you do not have to kill yourself with every workout to see great results.  By just GRADUALLY incorporating more high intensity and interval type training into your routine will make a difference.

AFTER BURN or Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) helps you lose weight and keep it off and occurs when our bodies and muscles are thrown into a state of confusion and disarray.  When this disarray happens, our bodies continue to burn calories to get back into the pre-exercise state – AFTER we are through exercising.

What is Interval Training?  This type of workout contains short periods of high intensity along with regular workouts.  The idea is to work harder for a short time during your regular workout regime.  For instance, get out of your comfort zone and increase speed or incline during your regular treadmill routine, or increase resistance while on the stationary bike.  When lifting weights add some lifts to exhaustion, rather than just taking the easy lift every session.

Missing MOVTIVATION and Guidance ?  Educated Fitness Experts can help you begin a safe weight training program, or provide you with One-on-One Motivation to get you out of your comfort zone to Achieve EPOC weight loss.  Many classes are offered and provide the Interval Training that will confuse your body into AFTER BURN mode.

Make a DIFFERENCE in Your Body NOW – Get Out of Your Regular Routine Today.             If you want to see different RESULTS, you can’t keep doing the SAME THING


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